Recipes – Poultry

Honey Smoked Turkey
Sweet and light, this will be the best turkey you've ever had.

Hot Smoked Buffalo Wings
Give this barbeque classic a little bit of kick.

Roast Chicken
A roasted flavor experience that just can't be beat.

Whole Roast Chicken
A flavorful chicken dinner you'll crave again and again.

Apple-Brined Turkey
A sweet feast for the tastebuds.

Turkey Tenderloin
Add some flavor to your next holiday dinner.

Brined Turkey with Red Chile Sauce and Jicama-Cranberry Relish
The perfect holiday dinner with some bold flavor.

Butterflied Garlic and Rosemary Chicken
Savory barbeque flavor makes this a treat for your tastebuds.

Grilled Amish Turkey
A guaranteed pleaser for the tastebuds.

Smoky Exotic Grilled Chicken
An exotic flavor that can't be beat.

Maple Glazed Chicken Wings
A barbeque favorite with extra flavor.

Lime Chicken
A twist on a barbeque favorite, you'll fall in love with it.